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Courtney Moore

February 20, 2013

The Association for Prevention Teaching and Research will honor a Wayne State University School of Medicine student for her efforts to prevent heart disease in southeast Michigan.

Courtney Moore, a third-year medical student, will receive the APTR’s Special Recognition Award for her creation of Health Is Where the Heart Is, an organization that focuses on educating people about cardiac health through the dissemination of an easy-to-understand booklet containing easy-to-adopt practices, presentations on heart health and free hypertension screenings.

“I am deeply honored to have been selected for the 2013 APTR Special Recognition Award,” Moore said. “It is simply stunning that our relatively young program has garnered so much support in just two years, and receiving this national award is something we certainly never could have imagined.”

In addition to Health Is Where the Heart Is, the APTR is also recognizing Moore for two research abstracts written with Diane Levine, M.D., associate professor of Internal Medicine, "From Detroit to Your City: A Public Health Solution; A Medical Education Pilot Program's Success and Its Potentially Groundbreaking National Impact" and "19,000 + Education Enhancing Public Health Initiatives Tailored to Each Community: A Guidebook for a Longitudinal Curriculum to Address Growing Healthcare Demands." Moore said her work with the Paul Ambrose Scholars Program and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research, both in Washington, D.C., also contributed to the award.

“I'm sincerely grateful for the support and encouragement from the School of Medicine, especially Dr. Levine, and the APTR, particularly Dr. Suzanne Cashman, (M.D.), of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Paul Ambrose Scholars Program and Association of Prevention Teaching and Research, without whom I could not have imagined our public health initiatives could make a national impact,” said Moore, who will receive the award at the APTR banquet in Washington, D.C., March 12.

“We are so proud of Courtney,” said Dr. Levine, who nominated Moore for the award. “Receiving the Special Recognition Award is quite an honor.”

The APTR is a national organization comprised of physicians and public health officials whose mission is to advance the education of physicians and other health care providers in prevention and population health. The Paul Ambrose Scholars Program selects and trains 47 health professions students annually to create a public health initiative. Moore was selected as a scholar in the program in 2012.

Moore was visiting her parents at their Brighton home when her father, James Moore, suffered a cardiac event that nearly killed him. She performed chest compressions on her father until emergency medical services personnel arrived to transport him to a hospital. Mr. Moore survived the attack.

After that experience, Moore wrote a book on cardiovascular care and improvement. Weighing in at a hefty 400 pages, the book, she soon realized, was too lengthy to convince the average person to read. She scaled the book down to 75 pages filled with laymen’s explanations of cardiovascular medical jargon and simple tips that readers can adopt to improve their heart health. The book is an expanded version of the 18-page pamphlet Moore’s organization distributes free.

A paperback version of the book, now available at, offers categories of activities – good, better, ideal – in areas of diet, exercise and other tips that readers can incorporate for improved heart health. Proceeds from sales of the book are used to print the free pamphlets and support the work of the organization in the community.

“This award opens new doors for Health Is Where the Heart Is and programs like it to expand across the country, and these new expanded opportunities are extremely exciting,” Moore said. “I will dedicate myself to justifying the trust that the Wayne State University School of Medicine, the APTR and my mentors have displayed in me by recognizing me for this award.”