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2015 Status Reports

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2015 LCME Findings and Status Update

Standard LCME Decision LCME Finding Source of Data Status
(as of 11/13/15)
Gantt Chart & Progress (as of 11/13/15)
IS-16/3.3 Diversity Non Compliant Programmatic initiatives available to support recruitment and retention of groups underrepresented in medicine have not been very effective. This is reflected in the percent of underrepresented-in-medicine matriculants. Initiatives to enhance diversity at the staff and faculty levels are only now being addressed. Secondary Application Data/Pipeline Data (Salesforce)/HR data In Progress link
ED-5-A/6.3 Self-Directed Learning Non Compliant In the first two years of the curriculum the schedule affords little time for independent study. In the Independent Student Analysis, students expressed concern about the time available for independent learning. The school has not yet addressed self-directed learning activities. Student Survey and Feedback In Progress link
ED-24/9.1 Resident Preparation Non Compliant A system for central monitoring of resident participation in activities that prepare them for their roles in teaching and assessment is not in place, and there is no specific resident-as-teacher programming for PGY-1 residents. FD4ME compliance data/data from clinical sites and resident programs In Progress link
ED-26 & 28/9.4 Variety of Assessments Non Compliant In the first two years of the curriculum, there is little variety in assessment methods beyond multiple choice examinations. Methods to assess skills of problem solving and clinical reasoning are limited in that portion of the curriculum. E*Value/Course Directors In Progress link
ED-32/9.5 Narrative Assessment Non Compliant In the first two years of the curriculum, there is minimal narrative assessment, even in the courses where the opportunity exists for this type of assessment. E*Value In Progress link
ED-33/8.1 Curriculum Management Non Compliant There are not effective systems in place to ensure that problems identified during curricular reviews receive follow-up, or to sequence segments of the curriculum. There is not a clear understanding among the president of the executive committee of the faculty senate, the vice dean for medical education, and the associate dean for faculty affairs and professional development on whether major curriculum decisions are subject to the approval of the executive committee of the faculty senate. Documented processes for review and follow-up/data from the review processes/CC and EC minutes In Progress link
ED-35 & 37/8.3 Review of the Curriculum Non Compliant The curriculum committee has not reviewed individual years or segments of the curriculum; There is not a regular process for monitoring content across the curriculum. Documented processes for review and follow-up/data from the review processes/minutes In Progress link
ED-38/8.8 Duty Hours Non Compliant Clerkships in medicine, surgery and obstetrics and gynecology have duty hour violations. The implementation of the duty hours policy has been ineffective since violations persist in multiple clerkships. E*Value Addressed link
MS-27-A/12.5 Confidentiality Non Compliant Students and faculty reported that medical school faculty have provided direct medical care to current students. Student immunization and health records are held in the Office of Registration and Records, and are available to the assistant dean for clinical education, who is also the student health officer. Psychological counseling takes place on a regular basis in an office in the medical education building. The students expressed concern regarding the privacy of this setting. E*Value (clerkship evaluation); Student Satisfaction Addressed link
ED-46/8.4 Long-Term Outcomes Compliant with Monitoring A new system to collect data on graduates’ performance has just been implemented. It is too early to determine the effectiveness of this system. Qualtrics Survey In Progress link
ED-30/9.8 Timeliness of Grades Compliant with Monitoring Implementation of an electronic grading system has led to significant delays in grade availability. In the most recent submission of grades, 98% were received within six weeks but this will require ongoing monitoring. E*Value In Progress link
ED-47/8.5 Evaluations of Courses Compliant with Monitoring Student response rates on course evaluations for the 2013-2014 academic year were low. A new valuation system was implemented for the current academic year. Long-term outcomes for the system are not yet available. E*Value In Progress link
MS-8/3.3 Diversity Pipelines Compliant with Monitoring New programs are being established to broaden diversity among the medical school applicant pool. It is too early to determine the success of these programs. Secondary Application Data/Pipeline Data (Salesforce) In Progress link
MS-18/11.1 Academic Advising Compliant with Monitoring Professional tutorial services are available at the university. However, students were not aware of these services. Student Survey/GQ In Progress link
MS-23/12.1 Debt Management Compliant with Monitoring Students have expressed concerns about debt management counseling. Enhancements have been made to the programming. It is too early to determine the effects of these changes. Student Survey/GQ In Progress link
MS-32/3.6 Mistreatment Compliant with Monitoring In February 2015, the executive committee of the faculty senate approved a policy on a code of professional conduct to support and develop professionalism in the physicians and learners. Final approval of the document by the university is pending. Student Survey/GQ In Progress link
ER-2/5.1 Finances Compliant with Monitoring While the present financial resources appear adequate, state and parent support are susceptible to decreases due to the economic climate in the state of Michigan, as is the practice plan. A decline in general fund support due to the university’s performance metrics is projected for the next two years. Financial resources will need ongoing monitoring. General Fund and Practice Plan revenue In Progress link

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