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Continuous Performance Improvement Subcommittee

The Continuous Performance Improvement Sub-committee (CPIS) is an independent body that oversees the opportunities to improve the efficiency and quality of the undergraduate medical education program. The responsibilities of the CPIS are delegated by the Curriculum Committee and include the application of problem solving models for identifying and improving a process, to carry out some level of change within or between courses/clerkships, as well as monitoring progress toward LCME compliance. The CPIS Chair reports to the Curriculum Committee.


Role and Responsibilities of the Continuous Performance Improvement Subcommittee

  • Review of the Review all pre-clerkship and clerkship assessment reports.
  • Provide support to the Curriculum Committee on improving the structure and function of the undergraduate medical education program.
  • Provide support to the Undergraduate Medical Education Office of Continuous Performance Improvement, including the LCME working groups responsible for tracking and improving all standards of non-compliance and compliance with monitoring.
  • Integrate the PDSA problem solving model into the review process.
  • Identify areas of improvement and develop a plan for improvement.
  • Implement the action plan, collect and begin to analyze the data.
  • Complete the analysis of the data and study the outcomes to determine the effectiveness of the intervention.
  • Based on the effectiveness of the intervention, standardize the improvement if successful or develop a different plan if the intervention is not successful.
  • Report all CPIS activities to the Curriculum Committee.
  • Provide support as requested by the Curriculum Committee.


Continuous Performance Improvement Subcommittee Membership Guidelines

The Chair of the Continuous Performance Improvement Subcommittee (CPIS) is appointed by the Vice Dean for Medical Education. The CPIS has 14 members, including the Chair, the Director of Assessment. A quorum of 8 voting members is necessary for a formal vote.Other non-voting ad-hoc members may be nominated by Chair of the CPIS to serve in an advisory capacity.