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Curriculum Committee Membership Guidelines

  1. The Curriculum Committee shall be composed of 12 appointed voting members.
    1. Nine members of the faculty shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate with the concurrence of the Dean or his/her designee.
    2. Three faculty or administrators shall be appointed as ex-officio voting members by the Vice Dean for Medical Education and shall Chair the Pre-clerkship Education Subcommittee, Clerkship Education Subcommittee, and the Continuous Performance Improvement Subcommittee.
  2. The Chair of the Curriculum Committee shall be nominated by the Vice Dean for Medical Education with concurrence of the Dean. The Chair is a non-voting member unless there is a tie. In this situation the Chair shall have the tie-breaking vote.
  3. The Student Senate shall appoint one student from each class and one alternate from each class. Each class will have one vote by the appointed members. If an appointed member for a class is not present, the alternate from the respective class will vote.
  4. Other members nominated by the Chair of the Curriculum Committee are ad-hoc members with no vote.
  5. When the Chair of the Curriculum Committee is also a course director, he/she will not cast a vote in case of a tie. A quorum of 7 of the 12 faculty/administrator voting members is necessary for a formal vote. A majority vote is necessary to approve a motion.
  6. The Curriculum Committee has final vote on all curriculum management approvals by subcommittees and a majority vote is needed to approve or overturn a motion.