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Longitudinal Curricular Themes

The training of physicians and practice of medicine continually evolves as the needs of society change and new innovative approaches to health care delivery and disease treatment and prevention are discovered. The Wayne State University School of Medicine has developed Longitudinal Curricular Themes (LCTs): important topics, reinforced across the curriculum, designed to guide and prepare medical students to become modern physicians and help them provide exceptional care.

The Wayne State University School of Medicine has LCTs through the continuum of undergraduate medical education. The LCTs add value and continuity in the medical education program as they build on each other throughout the four years of the curriculum. The students are exposed to the LCTs in various learning environments including small groups, laboratories, lectures and patient cases. Each LCT has defined objectives, which are mapped to the school’s Medical Student Competencies and Institutional Learning Objectives.

The process for maintaining and updating the LCTs involves working with the course and clerkship directors to verify that the content is taught and utilizing the curriculum mapping tool. The LCTs provide the Wayne State University School of Medicine the information needed to monitor gaps and redundancies in the medical education program.

The LCTs were first established in 2006. In 2014 the Curriculum Committee approved the deletion of the Terrorism, Disaster, Public Health Emergency curriculum and the addition of the following themes: Quality and Patient Safety, Inter-professional Teams and Ultrasound Training. LCTs are approved and monitored by the Curriculum Committee.
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