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BioMed- Design Services and Digital Imaging

About Us

Design services and digital imaging offers a comprehensive range of creative design and printing, digital imaging, photography, illustration, and production services to assist in the educational and research needs of Wayne State University School of Medicine, Wayne State University, The Detroit Medical Center and greater Detroit community. However, we are not limited to only university and clinical clientele. If you have personal creative needs we will assist/support anyone who submits an order.

We promote the use of current technology and state of the art digital and printing devices. The department is dedicated to being consistent with the educational mission of the University, whether that is directed to student, staff, faculty, alumni and consumers. Please note, projects for the educational needs of the school take priority. Also, we adhere to strict copyright violations. We will NOT print other commercial branding that would violate a copyright law.

Requests are given a work order number if service time and estimate are agreed upon. Payment in the form of IRB, cash, check, and OneCard are accepted. Once the E-commerce site is functional, we will be able to accept ProCards.


There is pay lot (P) across from the School of Medicine on Canfield. For short-term pick up and delivery, enter the UHC/DRH driveway (located off of St. Antoine) and go to the gated lot at the right. The security guard will allow 15 minute parking.
You will be required to show identification to security upon entering the School of Medicine.