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Health Care

Student Affairs will promote and enhance medical student personal health and wellness. Confidential mental health services are available to medical students. Referrals to health care providers, stress management workshops and assessment of individual special health care needs is available through Student Affairs. Consultations to physicians and a wide variety of services are also available through Outpatient Services

You may also consult your personal physician or the Campus Health Center located in the Helen DeRoy Apartments on Main Campus, 5200 Anthony Wayne Drive, Suite 115. For more information about services, hours, walk-ins, and appointments please visit the Campus Health Center website.

As members of the healthcare workforce and future physicians it is important for Wayne State University medical students to protect and promote their own health and that of the individuals they will come in contact with during their professional and personal lives. Among those to be protected are students’ family members, colleagues, co-workers, and most importantly our patients. Please refer to the Health Information and Policies page for information on required vaccinations/evidence of immunity, annual TB screening, blood-borne pathogen infections, needlestick and other exposure to blood/blody fluids, respirator fit testing, annual influenza vaccination, and infection control/blood-borne pathogens training.

All medical students are required to have health insurance as a condition of their enrollment in the medical school. Following the lead of many other medical schools across the country, the medical school has negotiated a very comprehensive group health plan on behalf of our students and has made it mandatory at a very reasonable price. This policy, through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, is mandatory because we believe it to be the best value available in terms of the benefits package for the premium being charged.Please visit the Records and Registration website for details about plan options, waivers, and enrollment.

Nursing mothers should contact Conjoint who will assist them in finding a private room and refrigeration.